About Us

I’ve always felt that object have a life of their own and this feeling is something I’m trying to capture in my work.

I’m originally from London and grew up in an eclectic household, my father was an Irish musicologist and my mother is a Jewish emigre, originally from Austria. Both my parents shared a love for design and encouraged me and my three brothers to stretch our creativity even as young children. 

I started my career at Virgin Records where I did a long stint on the label side as a product manager working on numerous artists and marketing campaigns. I loved the work and the creativity but wanted to expand my world and decided to go to college and study ceramics at London’s Camberwell School of Art. A couple of years after graduating, I decided to move to NYC and worked as a prop stylist on numerous magazines and a couple of independent films. My design background really informed my styling work while also pushing me to expand my knowledge and interests in different areas of design.

In 2004 my husband and I moved to Los Angeles on a lark and in 2008 I started my ceramic line H for Hannah. Inspired by my UK roots, I designed pieces that were made in England from bone china but are modern and pared down. I wanted pieces that you can use everyday and are good to hold in the hand rather than sit on a formal dining table.

About two years ago, I started my journey back to making. I love the process of designing and making and find real joy in the repetition. My new Jupiter Pot/Planter collection was inspired by the David Hockney retrospective I saw while in Paris and the colours of California in his pool paintings with the darker hues representing my European roots. The new collection includes 2 sizes and comes in 28 different colours. 

I feel like this is just the beginning and plan to add more shapes and colours over the coming year. This is an exploration in color and form that will continue.